The establishment of a joint educational programme of a high level with European and international character which is fully consistent to the plan of the two institutions for the development of a programme of excellence.

The objective of the PROGRAMME is to offer, on one hand, a strong educational programme on Energy and, on the other hand, a highly developed and innovative expertise in the field of Energy.

This programme is based on the complementary character of TEI Athens and Heriot Watt University in the fields that are covered in their joint postgraduate programme Master of Science in Energy Technology.

The establishment of this PROGRAMME also strengthens the cooperation between the two institutions regarding the joint supervision of Doctorate candidates whose background is Greek and are registered at Heriot Watt University.


Fees and registration

The operational cost of the Programme will be covered through tuition fees, sponsorships, benefits, donations and endowments, financial support from research programmes and European Union programmes, according to the terms of article 8 of Act 3685 / 2008 (ΦΕΚ Α΄ 148), as modified and in force.

Tuition fees, are paid at the beginning of each semester in equal installments, depending on the program (full-time or part-time) that has been chosen by each graduate student.

All the registered students at TEI Athens are also be registered at Heriot Watt University. 


Admission criteria

Admission to the Master of Science in Energy Technology in ΤΕΙ Αthens is decided by a joint committee of people consisting of at least two members appointed by each one of the two institutions, after recommendations of the relevant Programme Directors.  The admission procedure takes place at the beginning of the course.

The candidate students must meet the admission prerequisites for the Master of Science in Energy Technology of both Heriot Watt University and ΤΕΙ Athens. Final admission approval is given by the two Programme Directors after a meeting.

The Admission criteria are:

  • University Degree or University Diploma with additional evaluation of the file of each candidate.
  • The maximum number of students that can register for the programme during the first year is thirty five (35).
  • The admission of students takes place twice a year, in September and January.


Programme participants’ rights and responsibilities

This Programme will be on a full or part time basis and its duration will be three or four semesters distributed in two academic years. The responsibility for its organisation and operation jointly lies with TEI Athens and Heriot Watt University .

In special cases, when the student faces serious health problems, the duration of the programme may extend one more academic year.     

The educational programme commences with two or three semesters whose objective is the acquisition of the know-how for the professional practice covered by the Programme. Special emphasis is given to practical assessment in the form of a number of minor and major assignments. The last semester (third or fourth) is devoted to research work. 

The students of ΤΕΙ Athens are subject to screening tests on their knowledge which are based on the agreement of the institutions and defined in the Study Regulations of the Programme.

The support/supervision of the dissertations in Athens is organised by the Coordinating Committee.